3 Reasons to Get the Right Cable Management Solutions for Your New Office


Efficient cable management is all-important for a well fitted-out office. You need an assortment of wiring accessories as well as ergonomic products to use them with. If you do not have the right kind of cabling solutions, then your office will suffer from work-related redundancies. Further, you may need to implement more such solutions in case you wish to expand:

3 Essentials for the Most Efficient Cable Management for Your Office

  1. Umbilical Cable

Getting an umbilical cable in Sydney is a great way to ensure your business is well supplied with power at all times. In fact, getting one of these cables is almost necessary if you want a well planned office fit out. They can carry both power and fibre optic cables and this makes them a great addition to any office cabling solution.

Umbilical cables in Sydney can also be modified to provide the right solutions to your office. So, you can make them exclusively power-based or fibre optic-based. Or you can keep a mix of both. This gives you wide options in terms of how to use them.

  1. Busbar

Busbars can be very useful in preventing a cable board from getting damaged. Your central board can fuse any time but a busbar can prevent the blown fuse from damaging the entire cable fit out at your office. This will obviously save you some serious money and keep your repair needs to a minimum. Busbars are definitely a good investment for people.

  1. Wiring Accessories

Certain accessories like connector leads and data boxes are very important. They help in managing excess cabling and also ensuring the wiring system is not tool jumbled up. This can ensure your system performs well and stays well-coordinated.

This will also help in all maintenance and upkeep requirements. Whether you have an in-house electrician or outsource to a cable management partner, keeping wiring accessories at hand can make their job a lot easier.


Looking For Reliable Cable Management in Sydney?

Dpg-formfittings is one of the leading office fit-out companies in Sydney. We offer a number of cabling solutions that provide combined benefits of safety, efficiency and cost-effectiveness to our clients.

We also have an extensive catalogue of other essential office supplies and equipments like wireless chargers, monitor arms and ergonomic products.  If you want to get the best cable management tools for your office, contact us now!

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