3 Tips to Improve Desk Cable Management

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The modern office space is filled with a range of computers and other electronics. In this setting, desk cable management quickly becomes a nightmare as they snake across the room and all over desks. This takes up valuable space and causes inconvenience and possible tripping hazards in an office fit out. Efficient desk cable management is essential to both maintaining clean office space and reducing risks in the workplace. Just a simple desk can often have multiple monitors, fixed phones, mice, keyboards, printers, and chargers for mobile devices.

There are a few simple ways to improve desk cable management in any new office fit out:

  1. Grommets are a cable device which is placed through a hole in the desk. They allow cords to be fed through the desk in a neat bundle. Good use of grommets and cable ties can cluster cables into more manageable spaces in a tidy way.
  2. Cable trays underneath a desk can route cables through a neat path out of sight. Cable baskets can also have space for power boards which let you have only one power cable leaving the desk to reduce tripping hazards. Adding this to in-floor modules across the office fit out can almost eliminate long-running cables.
  3. One of the easiest ways to remove the cable mess is to get rid of the cables. Many wireless options exist for keyboards, mice, and charging that will significantly reduce clutter in desk cable management, but have added cost.

dpg-formfittings specialize in providing a new or improved office fit out in Sydney, our extensive range of desk cable management products can simplify and streamline any office space.

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