5 Expert Tips for Efficient Cable Management


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With the introduction of numerous office gadgets and multimedia devices, the number of cables involved in today’s workplaces has certainly gone out of control. This is exactly where intelligent cable management solutions, such as floor boxes, and cutting-edge office power solutions can help you remove cables from view and make your entire workplace much more organized and efficient than ever before.

Moreover, efficient cable management reduces the chances of human error and provides a number of other benefits such as:

  • Massive reduction in downtime for improved system availability
  • Enhanced system performance due to minimal interference and crosstalk between power and data cables.
  • Faster and more efficient servicing and maintenance through safer and easier access to different cables and wiring accessories
  • Improved flexibility allows users to add, move or change wiring components without disrupting the entire network at any time they want.

Now that we know about some of the amazing benefits of incorporating cable management solutions in your office, you should now get some idea on how to get the most out of these systems? Let’s take a look:

  1. Effective Planning: When it comes to effective cable management, planning plays a crucial role. Experienced professionals can provide you with certain guideline for a flawless implementation of your cable management systems.
  2. Know The Routes: Knowing the power and data cable routes can help you utilize your cable management systems in the best way possible. In addition, try to determine the different types of power and data cables, fibre and copper cables in your office. Check whether cables are entering from bottom or top of the racks.
  3. Use Good Cabling Practices: When setting up the infrastructure, utilizing proven cabling practices goes a long way in successful cable management. For proper cable identification, use coloured cables with proper labelling.
  4. Protect Your Cables: Cable protection is necessary to avoid downtime and to improve the lifespan of your cabling systems. Cable management solutions like floor boxes and SNAP Umbilical, not just make your cables easier to manage but they also retain your cables in the long run.
  5. Store Your Loose Cables: When it comes to efficient cable management, above methods are extremely effective. However, unused, loose cables are also a major hurdle in most organisations. This is where clever cable storage can help you. A few effective strategies you can use are – always store your cables in upright position in neatly labelled separate storage containers. While folding unused cables, make sure their ends are in the same direction so that they can be easily identified while retrieval.

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