5 Factors That Will Affect The Office Fitout Design

Office Fitout

Are you still brainstorming on the design and layout of your new office fit-out? If your objective is to transform your current workplace layout into an environment-friendly space, here are five factors that will surely affect the final design.

  1. Office partitioning

This is very crucial when choosing the design and layout of an office fit-out module proper partitioning of the entire workplace must be carefully planned. Why? Partitioning an office space should provide an opportunity to reuse and reconfigure it in the event of future expansion or relocation.

  1. Office furniture

Another factor that you and your office fit out design team will have to look into while on the designing phase is the office furniture pieces that will go inside the office space. If your goal is to create an environment-friendly workplace, investing in locally made furniture pieces made from local sources is a must. Aside from having quick access to the furniture, the good thing about buying local is fewer expenses because each furniture piece will not be imported.

  1. Managers and hired employees

Ask yourself, “Who will be staying most of the time inside this newly designed office space with the latest cable management system?” The managers assigned per department and hired employees performing various roles are the people that will have direct usage of the office fit-out. With this in mind, it’s important that the design team will involve these concerned individuals in the planning and decision making on the final design and layout.

  1. Lighting

Lighting is essential in any working environment because it will generally impact the productivity and working conditions of the people. When it comes to creating an environment-friendly office fit-out module the recommended lighting solution is the use of LED lights and sensor switches. The design and layout of the office must allow more natural light to come through in order to save on utility bills.

  1. Air-conditioning system

The last concern when designing an office fit-out module is the air-conditioning system to ensure it maximizes the electric usage and saves money. The most economical solution when buying an air-conditioning unit for your new office set-up is an inverter type that has the capacity to cool even larger space.

Designing your office fit-out may require the expertise of DPG-FormFittings. Why? There are numerous steps needed before you can come up with a design that will comply with your environment-friendly mission and having people with specialization in office fit-out and cable management will guarantee you a successful outcome of this project.

So, if you want to transform your traditional office space into workstations that foster productivity and mobility, then, consult now one of the representatives of dog-formfitting and let them help you find the best office fit-out the design that will match your needs and budget.

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