A Monitor Arm May Come With An Outstanding Series Of Features


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A monitor arm is one of the most intriguing items you can find for many office fit out layouts. The arm lets you hold a monitor up off of a desk while also positioning it to where more people can see it from many angles at any time.

The features that will come with your monitor arm should be checked accordingly. These features will help you make the most out of this organizational item.

Cable Covers

You will need to link your monitor up to a computer, so it helps to see that you’re covering the cables as well as possible. You can use a cable cover to keep all the cables in your setup from being exposed. Also, these will help you with keeping your cables from being tangled or otherwise hard to control. A small basket rail may also be added for your convenience.

Power Features

A power column may be added to your monitor arm. This would include a few extra power ports that go under the monitor. These may work for powering up the monitor or the computer the monitor links to among other items.

A CPU Holder

You can also get a CPU holder ready at the base of the arm. A holder will include enough room for a computer to be held in. You can use this to keep the computer close to the monitor.

Height Adjustment

You can get one of these ergonomic products adjusted with a height knob. A knob allows you to position the monitor up or down. You can use a basic handle or control mechanism to help you move the monitor around. This is useful for people who might have an easier time with seeing a monitor from a certain angle.

The monitor arm you add to your office layout can be one of the most convenient and ergonomic products you could ever use in your office. Contact DPG Form Fittings if you need extra help with finding a monitor control product that works for your needs.

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