Cable Management: 4 Steps to a Clutter-Free and More Productive Office


Proper cable management is one of the best ways to make your workplace clean, efficient and productive. Today’s offices generally include a number of electronic gadgets such as laptops, monitors, phones, keyboards, printers and USB chargers and so on. All these devices require a variety of wires and cables to function.

If not managed properly, this assortment of cables can clutter up your office and become a source of distraction. Fortunately, efficient tools such as wireless chargers, conference boxes, and monitor arms can make your work space organized and way more productive than you can ever imagine. Let’s take a look at some helpful tips:

How to Achieve a More Efficient Workspace with Proper Cable Management?

  1. Cut the clutter

You can find a lot of cable clutter between your monitors, cell phone chargers, keyboards and work phone. Organize, eliminate and control these wires with solutions like USB chargers, wireless chargers and conference boxes. This simple step will instantly improve productivity and efficiency in your workplace.

  1. Choose Wireless

Probably, the best way to manage your cords is by removing them altogether. This is where wireless accessories such as wireless chargers can help you create highly efficient work surface with minimal amount of cables. Apart from wireless chargers, you can also invest in wireless devices including wireless printer, keyboard and mouse and so on.

  1. Invest In Cable Management Solutions

Choosing everything wireless is still a distant dream for most business owners. If that’s the case, consider investing in intelligent cable management solutions from trusted experts like dpg-formfittings. All our cable management systems and accessories like monitor arms are designed with efficiency and productivity in mind.

  1. Choose Intelligent Office Power Solutions

Modern offices use desktop power solutions such as in-desk power modules to keep cord clutter to the minimum. Since you won’t have to plug your cables into the outlets on walls or floor, it will keep them out of view.

Conference boxes and cableways can help you organize cables and cords running along your walls and floors. They are available in a variety of designs. So, they can blend in seamlessly with your office decor.

Looking For Top Quality Cable Management and Office Power Solutions?

Check out the widest range of cable management solutions and ergonomic products at dpg-formfittings. If you’re looking for customised solutions, visit dpg-formfittings or get in touch with our experts today.

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