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Working on a tiny desk isn’t something new anymore as a huge number of people work under such circumstances daily. Sometimes, the desk itself is tiny while at other times it’s the case of several people working together on and sharing one long desk. Regardless, having a tiny and cramped up workspace is never ideal. It can affect you mentally and emotionally, which in turn may affect your quality of work.

And what’s worse is that since there’s not enough space on your desk, you’ll have to settle with putting your CPU on the floor either under your desk or outside. Some people may not have trouble with this, but there are many more that do. There are actually many problems that may arise out of this setting. For one, it is common for the person to accidentally kick their CPU when standing up or when walking. Second, some people are tempted to use their computer towers as footrest since they don’t have enough space underneath their desks to stretch their legs.

In any case, a large and bulky CPU can take up so much real estate both on the desk and on the floor, space which could be used for something else or simply room for users to enjoy. To address this issue, businesses are encouraged to use CPU holders.

CPU holders are simply mounting devices or shelves that is used to hold CPUs. These devices are designed to be installed underneath the desk or along the sides. In any case, using a CPU holder frees up a lot of space on your desk and your floor.

Mounting a CPU under the desk is what most people would choose to do because it does have its advantages. For instance, it is much easier to reach down and plug a USB drive into the port this way compared to having to crawl down under your desk to do so.

Raising the CPU above the floor also gives it some form of protection. For instance, you no longer have to worry about damaging your CPU because of accidentally kicking it. It also protects the CPU from moisture seeping up from the floor.

All in all, a CPU holder is a great way of freeing up space on your desk and your floor. With it, you’ll have more working space available on your desk. You’ll also have more space to stretch your legs under the desk whenever they feel tired. These benefits, in addition to protecting your CPU from damage, are more than enough reasons to consider getting a CPU holder for your office.

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