Ergonomic products to improve your office fit out

Office Fitout

Ergonomics is known as the study of people’s efficiency in their working environment. Hence, ergonomic products are those products that make the way you work more effective through relieving stress and adding extra functionality to common products found in an office fit-out.

Monitor Arm

A good example of this is a monitor arm that provides the option of making once locked monitors adjustable which comes with its benefits. Firstly, moving monitors off the surface of a table allows for more organization and a reduction of clutter. Secondly, monitor arms are proven to improve employee posture at work, angles can be adjusted in any way providing optimum comfort for its users.

Sit to Stand Workstation

The next ergonomic product capable of improving workplace productivity is the Sit to Stand Workstation. This product provides its users with an option to either sit or stand when working via an adjustable (in height) workstation, having this option is known as ‘active working’. Switching to standing after being seated for multiple hours can be a great relief that improves focus, health, and overall mood.

Cable Management Products

There are many products available that can ease the stress that comes with leaving loose cables around an office fit-out. Desk grommets combined with cableways are popular options when it comes to cable management. However, simple solutions are possible by using wired cable baskets and trunking and clips.

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