What is softwiring?

This is a dedicated plug and play wiring system which makes re-configuration of power wiring easy to manage and re-usable, you can also take it with you if you move your business and re-use it.

This is good for the environment

Are the different suppliers, systems compatible?

No it is not possible to mix the systems

Can we install or re-configure this plug and play wiring system?

No, any installation must be carried out by a licenced electrician

How do we calculate what we might need for an installation?

dpg-formfittings offer a free plan take-off quotation service

Why can’t we just use power boards and plug them together?

A power board is classed as an EPOD and therefore has to comply with AS/NZS3105:2012 Approval and test specification-Electrical portable outlet devices. And can’t be cascaded.

How many socket outlets can we have on one circuit?

Generally under AS/NZS3000 Electrical Standard it is recommended that 16 is the maximum

What options are available for workstation power?

There is a large number of options available to the end user, these include below desk (Power Master), above & below desk (Power Master and Power rails), above desk (Power rails such as HarmonyContour or Freedom), in-desk (Omega II and Switch) and for screen solutions (Power Master for mid height duct systems and combined with the thick tile frame when in-screen ).