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More and more people are looking into buying a monitor arm for their workspace. This is very understandable especially once you realize the many benefits that can be had from using it. Although buying a monitor arm may seem like a straightforward process, there are some people who have trouble choosing the right one for them. That said, here are some features that you should consider when buying a monitor arm.

Height Adjustment

Height adjustment is one of the first features to look for in a monitor arm. Depending on the manufacturer or design, monitor arms can be adjusted thru either a gas or pneumatic cylinder, moving the monitor or thru a knob or pole mount. In any case, choose a height adjustment system that you feel most comfortable with. For instance, some people are not comfortable with using the last system since reaching for the pole to adjust the monitor height is not very convenient if you do it often.

Depth Adjustment

The monitor depth is generally adjusted by changing the distance between the post and the monitor. This can be done by either pushing the monitor back or by pulling it forward. How much depth you can achieve is affected by the length of your monitor arm. Monitor arms are available in a variety of lengths, some even coming with an extended reach feature. Needless to say, the longer the arm, the more depth and flexibility it allows for.

Tilt Adjustment

This is a pretty standard feature and is common among all monitor arms across every brand and manufacturer. This feature allows you to tilt the monitor for better viewing and comfort. The tile range can vary though, with some monitor arms having more tilting range than others.


This is one feature that is not common among all monitor arms, and is not really necessary for many types of computer work. This feature allows the user to adjust their monitor from landscape to portrait mode and vice versa. Some other monitor arms even allow for a full 360 degree turn. Industries like design are the ones who usually patronize monitor arms with this particular feature.

Choosing a monitor arm isn’t rocket science, but it is not always easy as well. Sometimes, you may be tempted to spend more on a feature that you may not need. If you have the means (and you think you may probably need it in the future) then go ahead and do so. Otherwise, think about what features you really need from a monitor arm and make your purchasing decision from there.

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