Floor Boxes – How They Benefit Your Work Place

Floor Boxes - How They Benefit Your Work Place

Easy access to power, data connections and AV while at work is a huge benefit. So, rather than trailing wires across the floor or dropping them from the ceiling, floor boxes are the way to go. They can be installed anywhere in a workplace, right where they are needed. Moreover, they are versatile, customisable and durable. Let’s take a closer look.

Versatile Installation Options

Floor boxes are able to be installed in a variety of floor types. The easiest type is raised floors, typically deployed in modern offices and IT spaces. Raised floors enable easy routing of cables during installation and upgrades. Plus, more traditional offices with timber floors are fine, too. Lastly, for premises with concrete floors, installation needs to be at the construction stage.

A Variety of Styles to Suit

Floor units are available in a variety of styles and finishes. This means they can be matched to your office décor to blend in seamlessly. Standard finishes include stainless steel and brass. These units are aesthetically pleasing and durable. Furthermore, when not used, floor boxes have a lid that can house a carpet, tile, or timber finish to blend with the floor material.

The Benefits

Floor boxes are ideal for delivering convenient access to power, AV and data connections exactly where required. Moreover, their low-profile design reduces clutter and eliminates tripping hazards, enhancing safety while maintaining a tidy work area. The convenient access to power and data hubs directly on the floor simplifies device connection, allowing for easy connection of electronic devices.

Floor Boxes Summary

Essentially, floor boxes are a fantastic investment for any workplace aiming for seamless power and data accessibility. Furthermore, their installation flexibility, variety of aesthetic options, and invaluable benefits make them an essential addition to your office space design. By installing innovative units, you are securing a safer, more efficient, and stylish workspace.

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