How Effective Cable Management Can Tidy Up Your Office


Following on from our post about “The dangers of bad cable management”, we take a look at how having an organised cable management system cannot only be more safe for your employees, but how it can also create a more efficient workplace.

Cable management is frequently overlooked as an aspect of workplace organisation and design and, – with the increasing popularity of wireless networks – may continue to be overlooked in future. However, physical cables and wires are still required to feed power and data to almost all individual workstations in an office, so effective organisation of cables can help create a lower risk, higher efficiency working environment for everyone.


A commercial space showing off masses of tangled cables is unattractive to the eye and gives visitors to your workplace an impression of poor organisation and inefficiency. On top of this, poorly managed cables mean that rewiring or relocating electrical devices becomes a nightmare, so the problem is a practical one as well as simply aesthetic. Cable management systems are the first step to a better looking, more practically organised workstation.


For anyone walking around the workplace environment, loose cables also provide a trip hazard that can potentially lead to serious injury. By installing appropriate cable management systems such hazards can be avoided, and walkways will not only be safer but also easier to move through.


Cable baskets are a straightforward solution to cable mismanagement. Attached by hook brackets or clips to the underside of a desk or shelving unit, the basket provides somewhere to place surplus lengths of cable so that they aren’t left trailing across the floor or looped under the desk. Various sizes and types of basket are available to suit your individual requirements.


Cable management umbilicals help to group different cables together as they run from the floor to desk, desk to ceiling or floor to ceiling. This helps keep the desk space tidy and organised and is also visually more attractive than a mismatched mess of jumbled cables. The umbilicals also provide structural support and reinforcement to prevent cables from being accidentally snagged or strained, which could cause damage to office equipment.


Underfloor cable management products are another good solution for the disorganised workstation. Electrical devices can be connected to underfloor power sources via grommets and hives in the floor that offer a small, unobtrusive access point to the power distributed below.

Effective cable management systems tidy up your workstation and prevent the common workplace injury hazard of tripping over exposed cables in walkways and between desks. By incorporating ergonomic cable management into your office environment, you can improve the safety of the workstations as well as the organisation and overall efficiency of the workspace.

Blog re-published with the kind permission of CMD Ltd.


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