How to Improve Your Office Ergonomics with Cable Management and Monitor Arms


cable management

At dpg-formfittings, we stock a huge range of innovative products including monitor arms and cable management systems to make your office more ergonomic, functional and efficient. We also provide accessories to make these products even better when used in conjunction with each other.

For instance our cable management systems when used with sit-stand workstations will ensure that your cables stay intact and organised while raising or lowering your desk.  Similarly, in order to make the most of your sit-stand workstation, we recommend our customers to use it with monitor arms.

Advantages of Installing Monitor Arms in Your Workplace

  • Monitor Arms save Space: Installing monitor arms at strategic locations in your office can free up as much as 25% of desk space or floor space.
  • Monitor Arms Are Ergonomic: These versatile office accessories allow employees to adjust their monitors at a comfortable height with a simple touch. This means that they can work with the right posture, have better productivity and lead a healthy life.
  • Monitor Arms Look Stylish: A monitor arm is probably the coolest and most practical accessory you can buy for your office. Your monitors will always be at a comfortable height with the help of these state-of-the art monitor arms. This can make your office look more professional and contemporary instantly.

With solutions like monitor arms and sit stand workstations, you can make your office more ergonomic than ever, but how will you make it more organized and clutter-free. This is where our cable management products step in.

Hide Your Cables and Wires with Quality Cable Management Systems

Most offices still have to deal with a lot of wires and cables. If you’ve data centres, several monitors, phone lines and speakers in your office, it can make some serious mess in your workplace.

If you’ve invested in a brand new sit stand workstations, you may have already realized how wires can tangle while using this ergonomic product. Incredibly efficient cable management systems are a simple and effective solution to get rid of all the clutter resulting from wires, and to improve the aesthetics and functionality of your workspace. dpg-formfittings offer cutting-edge cable management solutions that are unobtrusive, easy to use and can be quickly installed at any place you want.

For more guidance on how you can optimize your office space and to choose from the widest selection of monitor arms, cable management and office power solutions in Australia,  get in touch with our experts at 02 9669 3449 now!


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