5 Key Considerations for an Office Fit-Out

5 Key Considerations for an Office Fit-Out

A complete office fit-out is a huge task with many challenges. The biggest may be; how do we keep working amongst all this chaos?! However, the benefits of an expertly planned fit-out are many. Not only will your employees be happier and more productive, but if you plan it really well, then you’ll be future-proof too. So, let’s delve into five key considerations that can make or break your office fit-out.

1. Crunch the Numbers

When deciding on a budget, be thorough. Remember, this is not only about new office chairs and nice interior design. Moreover, you need to account for new infrastructure such as flexible connection technology, IT, floor boxes, cable management and office ergonomics. Essentially, if you get this right, you’ll save money in the long run by being able to easily upgrade as technology changes.

2. Office Fit-Out Timing

Timing for your office fit-out needs to be carefully considered. Therefore, you must take into account every aspect to successfully roll out the changes.

A typical timeline will include:

  • Working with a commercial real estate agent to find a location
  • Designing a floor plan for the new office space
  • Choosing a contractor
  • The design process
  • Furniture selection and ordering
  • Installation of office fittings/IT/power/data
  • Transition of staff to the new space

Of course, every office fit-out project is different. For instance, you may decide to keep working in the same location and just grin and bear the disruption. Or it may be beneficial to move to a temporary location while the fit-out is completed. Either way, be prepared for teething trouble and some disruption to your business. With this in mind, be sure to tell your customers what’s happening.

3. Reflect Your Brand

Your office speaks volumes about your company. It’s the first impression new visitors will get. So, choose a design that mirrors your brand’s values and ethos. This creates a positive image for visitors and a sense of belonging for employees.

4. Office Fit-Out Comfort

Comfort is king. Ergonomic chairs and adjustable desks aren’t extravagances – they’re investments in your team’s health and productivity. Plus, good lighting and temperature control go a long way to creating a comfortable and productive office.

5. Systems Design

Beyond the surface level, the essence of an office fit-out lies in its functional design – the infrastructure that turns the space from merely attractive to highly productive. Strategic lighting, clever cable management, floor boxes for easy connectivity, and wireless chargers are just the beginning.

If you’re considering an office fit-out, contact dpg-formfittings and explore our incredible range of ergonomic office fittings for connectivity, cable management and ultimate flexibility and convenience.

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