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There are some things that all offices and commercial spaces have in common; they need power in a lot of different places. Getting the power to each and every device can be challenging, particularly with open plan spaces with minimal walls to run outlets through. Office power solutions from dpg-formfittings can help send power around an office while reducing hazards and the eyesore of messy cabling to reach every workstation. Their below desk power modules and floor boxes can help power any office.

Office power solutions need to power so many devices, including computers, monitors, fans, printers, lights, phones, and more. These need a lot of power outlets to take them all. Many people will resort to using power boards and extension cords to accommodate all of these devices but they pose a serious risk of fire and equipment damage in large office power solutions. It is much better to get enough outlets and place them close to where they will be needed. Power outlets aren’t limited to being on a wall anymore. There are a plethora of options for power outlets around an office, such as floor boxes and below desk power modules to bring the power to the exact spot it is needed.

New office power solutions are not only able to have enough power outlets in convenient locations, but also reduce the number of exposed cables and messy cable management. Floor boxes are able to be placed almost anywhere and are typically flush with flooring and take power from channels underneath the flooring. This reduces the number of cables running along the floor to cause a tripping hazard. Below desk power modules can reduce the mess of cables on top of the desk, letting a cleaner desk improve productivity by giving more space for other tasks.

To learn more about the range of office power solutions, visit DPG Formfitting.

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