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Are you currently designing the new layout of your office space? Among the areas that could affect the final design are power outlets that need to be installed from one corner to another. If you are on the lookout for modern and innovative power solutions below are some of the highly recommended that will fit any office space.

Above desk power solutions

This is the most convenient and widely used power solution because it offers quick access to a power outlet when needed the above desk power solution. So, no need to reach out at the farthest corner of your working desk just to plug devices. With above desk power solutions, the power box is installed to the desk with discreet, showing only various connection inputs like General Purpose Outlets (GPOs), USB and data.

Below desk power solutions

However, if you need to power permanent devices on a regular basis such as PCs, monitors, printer and other office equipment units the best power solution is below desk. Here the power outlets are installed permanently on specific locations including the data ports.

What is cable management?

Cable wires can be unsightly and often lead to accidental trips and slips if scattered everywhere. Modern power solutions can eliminate the clutter of cables and create a minimal look in every office space with the power cables completely hidden through floor boxes or cords running from ceiling to desk or ceiling to floor areas. An effective cable management system gives allows the office space to have access to a power box or outlet without a struggle.

Other concerns before choosing the best power solution

Not all power solutions can fit any office space. There are factors that will determine the type of power solution ideal for that working environment such as the number of users needing charging of devices like PC, laptop or mobile phones, size of the rooms and the frequency of power usage for that particular room/s. Keep in mind, some rooms of the office space may need continuous power supply without disruption while other areas may only require power as needed. If this is the case, careful assessment is needed before making a final decision on the type of power solution to install.

How to succeed when integrating a new power solution in your office space?

Knowing exactly the amount of power supply needed in your office space is crucial when choosing from a wide variety of power solutions. There is no solution that fits all office spaces and power supply requirements. If in doubt of the best power solution suited for your office space, better consult the experts at dpg-formfittings. They can help you come up with an innovative power solution that will transform your office space into an efficient working environment.

Once you have found the perfect power solution, decide which areas of the office space will need to be prioritized for maximum power and get the right modules that will suit your needs.


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