Celebrating Excellence: Award-Winning Office Product Design

Celebrating Excellence - Award-Winning Office Product Design

Each year, the Australian Good Design Awards draw creators from every corner of the globe, spotlighting the best in product design and innovation. Established in 1958 and now recognized by the World Design Organization (WDO) as Australia’s peak international design endorsement program, the Awards celebrate designers’ impeccable skill, unique creativity and significant contribution to the industry.

The Significance

Do you know what makes these Awards special? They are crucial platforms demonstrating the pivotal role of design in shaping a better, safer, and prosperous future. The Awards recognise the designers who dare to think differently, challenge norms, co-design closely, and commit to transforming the way we live, work, interact and lead.

The Pyramid On-Desk Power Module: A Revolutionary Office Product Design

Among the many exceptional entries, the Pyramid On-Desk Power Module by dpg-formfittings stood out, earning acclaim for its innovative design.

Functionality Meets Style

The Pyramid neatly combines practicality and aesthetics. In other words, it looks great, and it works perfectly! This nexus is exactly what the Design Awards are all about.

Revolutionary Product Design

What makes this product design distinct is the pleasing pyramid shape that stands out among traditional power modules.

The Pyramid can be supplied in two different ways. Firstly, it can be used as a portable power and mobile charging station using a standard flexible cable with a 3-pin plug, or it can be secured to the desk through a standard 80mm grommet hole. It even has the option for QI-standard wireless phone charging on top of the module.

It’s an evolutionary step in office product design, making it a worthy finalist in the Australian Good Design Awards.

The Takeaway

The Australian Good Design Awards not only recognise the hard work and creative skill behind beautiful designs but also serve as a platform for outstanding projects like the Pyramid On-Desk Power Module. It’s inspiring to see designs that challenge conventions, providing convenient and stylish solutions to everyday problems.

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