Floor Duct



• Fully accessible system suitable for commercial and retail applications where chasing of trenches in the floor is not possible
• Extruded aluminium body with lid trim
• Can be glued, screw fixed or secured as part of the masonry tile installation
• Ideal for applications where chasing of trenches is not possible
• Can be used with most tiled floors, floating floors and carpet
• Suitable for use with 8 to 10mm masonry tiles
• Suitable for use with carpet tiles or surface mount
• Available with optional covers for semi-recessed (SR) or surface mounted (SM) installations
• Covers are pre-punched and countersunk
• Brushed stainless steel covers are fixed with the use of removeable screws, joining brackets provide facility for alignment of duct during installation
• Stainless steel cover with brushed finish


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Product Ref.* Description
FFD 100/12
FFD 100/12C
FFD 100/12B
FFD 100/12IP
FFD 100/12SE
FFD 100/12AP70
FFD 100/12AP20AFB 70
AFB 20
Duct body – 3.0m lengths
Duct cover – 1.2m lengths
90° bend junction
Access inspection ports
Stop end
Floor box adaptator AFB 70
Floor box adaptator AFB20Above floor box (low)
Above floor box (high)

* : Duct cover and accessories available in: (FR) Fully Recessed (1.2m lengths) – (SR) Semi Recessed (1.2m lengths) – (SM) Surface Mounted (1.2m lengths)

Floor Duct

Cable capacity chart

Power compartment
Total area mm²
Power TPS cables
Power TPS cables
300mm2 2 2
Data compartment
Total area mm²
Data cables Cat 5E Data cables Cat 6 Data cables Cat 6A
300mm² 6 4 3