Hinge-180/180 AK


Hinge-180 Features:

• 4 half tiles available (maximum two socket outlets)
• Supplied with a blank lid for concrete pour
• Knockouts in each side of the base box for conduit entry
• 3 bezels available for AV and/or data outlets
• Raised lip on lid is 5mm above finished floor level
• Brass or stainless steel lid available


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Hinge-180AK Features:

• Lid recess 20mm allows for matching flooring finish to be installed

Product Ref. Lid Size Description
180 x 180mm
180 x 180mm
180 x 180 x 18mm
180 x 180 x 18mm
Hinge-180 Brass
Hinge-180 Stainless steel
Hinge-180 Brass – recessed lid
Hinge-180 Stainless steel – recessed lid

Chassis Size : 170 x 170 x 90mm