Retractable Power Tower


Retractable power towers, flip lid units and floorboxes. The retractable power towers represent the innovative solution to gain access to the distribution of services, such as electrical power energy, water and compressed air, in total safety, aiming to improve the environment quality and safety.


• Power and other services only when you need it
• Safer systems for the distribution of energy power and other services
• Suitable for any environment due to possibility of wide range of finish.
• Great for squares, market areas, sports centres, malls, caravan parks, theatres and stages, airports, stations etc.
• Many different options including manhole covers, stainless steel, round or square, fillable with any finish or material.
• Movement of the retractable units can be worm screw and crank, semi-automatic with gas springs.
• Guaranteed safety and reliability.
• Can be used to supply electricity, water, compressed air, data transmission and audio systems.
Retractable Power Tower VM02 Flip Lid

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