Hidden Wireless Charger

The Hidden Wireless Charger takes charging to the next level. Wirelessly and hidden!

Simply place your wireless, induction charging compatible device on the charger. A beep will acknowledge the connection and charging has commenced.


• 18W max fast charging
• Installed from below work surface and supplied with an on-desk sticker to indicate the wireless charger position.
• Includes a 1.8m cable with connector and separate power supply
• Unit is black


• 18W max fast charging
• Input 100-240V 50/60 Hz, 0.5A max
• Output 5vdc 3.1A/9vdc 2A.
• Qi standard charging distance 6-12mm, dependant on worktop thickness
• 60mm blind hole, with 3mm-5mm material remaining
• Includes 1.8m cable with connector and separate power supply
• Mobile phone case may have to be removed when charging

Please Note: Your device must support wireless charging. For all compatible mobile phones please visit this link

Unit only comes in black, as hidden under the desk

Product Ref. ColourDescription
HIDDENWRCHGBlackHidden Wireless Fast Charger (max 18w) c/w power supply unit and sticker