Plastic-624 Floor Box


• Innovated design allows floor box height to be adjusted between 75mm & 110mm
• Lid is removable & reversible
• Knockouts on each side and in the base of the chassis, for conduit entry
• Lid recess of 8mm for carpet insert

• In-floor cut-out of 190 x 190mm +1.0/-0.0
• Floor box lid has a carpet recess depth of 8mm
• Floor box outer frame size 245 x 225mm

• Maximum of three sockets outlets (3 full tiles or six half tiles)
• Six half tiles available for AV or data outlets

Power and Data/AV Tiles
See ‘Code’ for wide range of power and data/AV tiles

Product Ref.SizeDescription
DPG-624AS245 x 225mmPlastic height adjustable floor box

Power Tiles:

Product RefDescription
AR787AMWE10A auto-switched socket outlet, Legrand (full tile)
AR787/15AMWE15A auto-switched socket outlet, Legrand (full tile)
F15Schuko German socket (full tile)

AV/Data Tiles:

Product RefDescription
F22RJ45 CAT6 shuttered (half tile)
F50TV Socket (half tile)
F523.5mm Audio socket (half tile)
F59USB data transfer (half tile)
F60XLR socket (half tile)
F6615 pin VGA, female (half tile)
F69HDMI (half tile)
F70Blank tile (half tile)