Scoot circular floor box with recessed and trim trimless lid

Scoot Floor Box


  • Australian-designed & manufactured, the Scoot circular floor box comes with a trimless lid
  • Features a recessed lid of 19mm for insertion of stone/tile or timber finish
  • Fits one auto-switched 10amp socket outlet
  • Cable exits through a slot in the lid when closed
  • Made from aluminium

• Chassis: 127mm Dia x 67.8mm H
• Lid: 131.9mm (diameter) x 24.2mm(h)
• Overall Height: 92mm overall height
• 19mm recess in the lid
• 19mm conduit entry point in chassis

Earth stud present in the bottom of the chassis

Power Sockets:
• Comes with a 10amp auto-switched socket outlet
• 15amp or round pin earth socket available on request

Product Ref. Description
SCOOTScoot – round trimless floor box c/w one auto-switched socket outlet