Slab-93 Floor Box


• Access box contains two compartments, comprising three distinct assemblies: the chassis, the mounting frame, and the carpet trim/lid tray assembly
• Knockouts on each length of the chassis to accept both 20mm and 25mm flexible conduit
• Chassis comes with a grid to hold a range of interchangeable accessory plates



• Mounting frame in galvanised steel, suitable for mounting into 183 x 200mm hole cut into any access floor panel or concrete slab with 2 fixing holes on each length
• Carpet trim assembly in polycarbonate, blue-grey colour
• Carpet trim moulding reinforced with steel
• Carpet trim and lid tray assembly reversible through 180°
• 6.5mm recess for carpet in the lid
• Slide hinges to facilitate lid removal
• Self-closing lid
• Four height-adjusting screws in the bottom of the chassis

• Chassis: 212mm (l) x 183mm (w) x 85mm (h)
• Lid: 212mm (l) x 195mm (w)

• Angled dual auto-switched socket outlet plate, offset – 10amp, 15amp or round pin earth
• AV plate with VGA punch-out, which can be user drilled for audio & RCA connectors
• Angled data plate, six angled bezels for data/AV, supplied with three blanks
• Adaptor plate used with standard electrical accessory products
• Soft wiring 20amp starter plate
• Blank plate

Product Ref.Description
PS9328593 Series 2 compartment, 85mm deep floor box

Accessories Options

Part NumberDescriptionOptionsPictures
PP4285Angled dual auto-switched socket outlet, offset10amp 15amp Round pin Earth
PDV4286AV plate with VGA punch out Can be user drilled for audio & RCA connectors
PDV4287Angled Cat6 data plate6 angled bezels for data/av
FB-ADAP-PLTAdaptor plateUsed with standard electrical accessory.
FF-012Soft wiring 20amp starter
B406Blank plate