Flexible Cable Trunking DPG-Formfittings

Flexible Cable Trunking

Our Flexible Cable Trunking is a simple means of keeping cables tidy.


• Slip ring for quick addition or removal of cables
• Self-adhesive backing strip
• Comes in 500mm lengths
• Suitable for use on furniture, control gear and enclosures

IMPORTANT: To ensure segregation compliance is met, power leads should be enclosed in a flexible conduit.

• 50mm diameter
• 500mm Long

• Adhesive tape backing for easy install
• Holes for screw fixing


Colours: Black or white

Product Ref.ColoursDiameter
650036.BKBlackFlexible Cable Trunking – 50 mm, black
650036WhiteFlexible Cable Trunking – 50 mm, white