SNAP Umbilical: Cable Management Simplified!


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For most business owners, cable management is merely overseeing how different cables plug into their respective devices. They have a little idea about how advanced cable management solutions like SNAP umbilical and office power solutions can improve speed, performance, uptime and efficiency of their systems. Products like umbilical cable can also extend lifespan of their IT systems while dramatically reducing the failure rate.

Traditionally, cable management and office power solutions used to be the last thing on business owners’ mind. However, the advent of revolutionary products like SNAP umbilical, in-desk modules and other solutions has enabled owners to save money, improve productivity and future-proof their businesses.

So, whether you own an office, retail space, a data centre or a large organization, let’s see how advanced cable management and office power solutions can benefit your business.

Get Your Cables under Control with SNAP Umbilical!

SNAP umbilical by dpg-formfittings is specifically designed to offer excellent cable management when bringing data and power cables from ceiling to desk, floor to desk and ceiling to floor. A perfect way to protect and organize your cables, SNAP umbilical is also incredibly easy to install.

SNAP umbilical features two fully segregated partitions for power and data cables.  All the segments can be easily clipped together for any customizable length. When used in offices, SNAP umbilical offers a flexible and discreet way to organize and distribute power and data.

With a stainless steel hanging wire for support and a capacity of up to 30 cat-6 data cables, SNAP umbilical is certainly one of the strongest and the most stunning cable management systems available anywhere.

How to Choose the Right Cable Management System? Consider these 3 tips!

  1. Proper Planning: While it’s important to understand the present requirements of your infrastructure, make sure you consider the future growth of your business as well. Consider the type of IT equipment you own, network, racks and the number of machines in order to choose the right cable management products for your needs.
  2. Future Proofing: When it comes to IT infrastructure, planning ahead is the key to save time and money in the long run. One of the major benefits of investing in flexible cable management solutions like umbilical cable and in-desk modules is that you can expand or change these systems at any point of time with little or no extra investment.
  3. Amount of Protection: One of the basic goals of installing any cable management system is to protect your cables. So, carefully analyse each system and choose the ones that can offer maximum protection to your power and data cables.

For more guidance and to choose from the widest range of cable management and office power solutions for your workplace visit dpg-formfittings, or just give us a call at 02 9669 3449 today.


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