The Advantages Of Working With Two Screens


2 screensIt may seem like a gimmick, a flash accessory that designers use to make their workspace look more important, but the advantages of working with multiple screens are real. They don’t just look nice, they actually increase efficiency and productivity as well. According to studies done by the Jon Peddie Research, productivity increases by an average of 42% when using multiple displays.

One of the reasons behind the increase in productivity is that designers and programmers often have the type of workflow that involves using multiple programs at any given time. Whether flipping back and forth between Editor and Photoshop or using multiple browser platforms, having a second screen can make the act of switching between programs much more efficient. If you don’t have two screens available, setting up an additional monitor alongside a laptop is a quick way to get the same benefits. This approach allows a dual monitor set up in the office but retains the flexibility of travelling with the laptop.

As well as working on multiple programs and platforms, data sharing is something that can be made easier with two monitors. Copying code between applications or opening files that have been created with different software can be streamlined effectively with a second monitor. Another benefit is the ability to look at e-mails or even Skype people whilst having full access to other data. Second screens make video conference calls considerable easier as they will tend to involve a large amount of looks ups. A second screen means you don’t have to flip between information and the call each time.

One final benefit is that of comparison. After all, attention to detail is key and the ability to compare two images or sets of data next to each other can often make the difference in that final tweaking process. There are, I should mention, a couple of disadvantages to having multiple screens but if you work in a team environment these will most likely fall to the person paying the bill! Obviously the cost of a second monitor, as well as available desk space, can be a stumbling block. In today’s increasingly more competitive online world though, dual monitors have been shown to make a massive difference to employee’s productivity. When that can mean more work being done in the same time and a very real return on investment, any additional monitor outlay costs will pay for themselves almost at once.

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