The Best Cable Management Tools for your desk or TV

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Are you wasting more time and effort to get your computer desk or entertainment centre setup?

You might be shocked at how cables you have to manage – and what a mess they can be in almost no time at all. Doesn’t worry there are many simple cable management organizers you can route and hide all those cables to make your home office setup managed and clean.

Velcro Strips – These strips are the number one tool for keeping cables tidy in almost any situation. They can be super cheap; they are easily used and can be multiply used in sequence for bigger bundles.

Adhesive Cable Clips – A closet and second most commonly used cable management comes in different sizes and some with multiple grooves as well. They are mainly used in cars as they are so handly in use.

Zipper clips – These are plastic alternatives, look like rubber clips, and are slightly more permanent cable routing because they lock in and can be handled more than one cable in a loop as well. But they are less flexible than adhesive ones, so can only be used where they stiffly tapped for any cable management system.

A flexible surge protector – speaking about the protector – if you want any tidy wiring system, then best to use this type. This is mainly available in eight outlet versions from brand Belkin.

To know more options for different types of cable management requirements, explore –


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