The Value of Softwiring: How Softwiring Can Improve Workplace Efficiency


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The goal of softwiring is to improve productivity, save time and give your business maximum flexibility to expand it in future with plug and play office power solutions. One of the basic benefits of softwiring is that wiring can be reused or changed at an afforded cost for the purpose of power and data distribution in organisations.

Nowadays softwiring solutions such as in desk modules, umbilical cable and wireless charger, are the preferred options for distributing power and data in organizations. In technical terms, plug and play softwiring is simpler, way more efficient and cost-effective than traditional hardwiring systems. Moreover, it can significantly improve safety in your power and data distribution networks.

For businesses that want to incorporate customer-oriented processes, improve productivity and make their business flexible enough to suit the demands of ever-changing technology, softwiring can deliver them great results without breaking a bank.

Advantages of Softwiring

  • Softwiring systems can be implemented in a short time and at an incredible affordable price. This is in sharp contrast to traditional hard wired systems.
  • Softwiring takes almost negligible time to get started. They are extremely easy to set up and can be put in motion almost immediately.
  • Plug and play office power solutions such as under desk power modules, wireless charger, and in-desk modules are very user-friendly. Most employees show better productivity when using soft wiring systems as compared to conventional systems.
  • There’s no need to take any permits or follow any special measuring requirements while using softwiring
  • Softwiring delivers a better ROI in the long-term.
  • These products are durable and stunning. They can make your business look more professional and trustworthy instantly.

Looking For Softwiring Office Power Solutions in Australia?

No matter where you need power, data or charging point, softwiring and office power solutions from dpg-formfittings are all you need to accomplish these goals and much more. Our office power solutions like power modules are ideal for under desk, in-desk or anywhere you want a dependable source of power and data.  Available in a range of options, versatility of our products makes them perfect for any modern workplace.

Get World-Class Softwiring Solutions at dpg-formfittings!

As the leading specialists of softwiring, office power solutions and ergonomic products in Australia, dpg-formfittings offers a number of products that can make your workplace more efficient, functional and safer. Want to learn more about our products and services? Contant dpg-formfittings by giving us a call at 02 9669 3449 today.


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