Top Tips for Successful Cable Management and Office Fit Out


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Whether you want to improve productivity in your workplace or make it look more professional, you can easily achieve these goals with brilliantly designed office fit-out and cable management solutions. Installing new cable management systems and office fit out can also help you enhance the performance of your employees as they will be working in a truly optimized workspace.

With that in mind, the experts from dpg-formfittings have compiled a list of some helpful tips for a successful implementation of office fit-out. Let’s take a look:

Office Fit-Out: Understanding the Needs of Your Employees

One of the most important considerations while planning an office fit out is to make sure that your new office meets your employees’ needs. For instance; consider things like – how the meeting rooms should be designed or how to choose between soft-wired and hardwired office power solutions and so on.

Don’t assume anything. Talk to your employees and take into account their requirements. An ideal office fit out should not only make a great impression on your clients and customers but it should dazzle your employees as well.

Implement Effective Cable Management Practices

Most people don’t like cable management until they witness how much of a difference this simple step can make to their workspace. With a small one-time investment, you’ll be making great savings and enjoying optimum productivity for years and years. Let’s have a look at some easy tips you can use to manage cables and wires in your workplace.

  • Identification: Each and every cable should be identified quickly by anyone in your workplace. So, labelling your wires and cables goes a long in distinguishing different cables in your office.
  • Untangle Your Wires: Cable management solutions like cable baskets can help you properly route and protect your cables. Routing helps in defining a clear-cut path for each cable from start to end. Otherwise, all the wires and cables can get tangled and create a real mess. Each and every cable should have its own exclusive path. You can combine similar cables together to make it even more organised.
  • Choose the Right Length: When choosing the length for your cables, always go for a bit longer cables. The reason is that you will never be able to lengthen a short cable in future but a longer one can be shortened to fit your needs. Don’t worry about the space; clever cable management systems like cable baskets will keep your workspace organized and clutter-free.

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