Understanding the Real Benefits of Cable Basket Systems

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A cable basket is a versatile and easy to install cable management device that can be used to manage and support a large number of cables in a variety of applications.  The range of cable baskets offered by dpg-formfitting is manufacturing to deliver three main objectives – high performance, efficiency, and safety.

At dpg-formfitting, we make sure that all our office power solutions, such as cable baskets and ergonomic products like a sit-stand workstation can be easily adapted to a range of environments and applications.

Advantages of Using Cable Basket

  1. Quick And Easy Installation: Installing a cable basket is a cakewalk. It comes with its own set of accessories and that makes the installation process a breeze even for an inexperienced installer.
  1. Living Hinge Design: Simple yet brilliant living hinge design of cable baskets available at dpg-formfitting makes the installation even simpler.
  1. Lightweight and Durable: Cable basket is one of the lightest yet most durable office power solutions available anywhere. These lightweight and ergonomic cable baskets can be easily installed by a single individual.
  1. Adaptable: Apart from easy and quick installation, cable basket offers a range of long-term benefits too. One of the most prominent ones is their unmatched adaptability to the changing needs of businesses. For instance, you can easily upgrade or change them in the future without facing any difficulty or making any major investment.

Where to Use a Cable Basket?

A cable basket system is primarily used to manage a large number of cables for easy distribution in offices as well as in highly demanding sites like server rooms. All you have to do is install the cable basket using some accessories and place your cables inside the basket.  This is way easier and quicker than using traditional pipes.

Cable baskets are installed at the same locations as pipes but they offer far superior functionality. They have an open design that allows for easy access without compromising the safety of wires.

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