Ways to increase productivity and decrease stress through office fit outs

Office Fitout

A boring and inefficient office desk set up can leave you feeling unproductive, de-motivated, and stressed, and this isn’t just solved through the introduction of a desk plant. There are a number of ways and utilities to invest in to make your office fit-out ideal and catered to your preferences. A lack of comfort can affect your health, especially when that lack of comfort lasts several hours a day. Below are a few ways you can increase the level of comfort you have in the office which can allow you to feel more productive and put you in the right mood to work.

Sit to stand workstation

The sit to stand workstation is a great solution to any office that can alleviate pain built up around the neck from being in the same position for too long. Allowing for dual-monitor setups this workstation makes display positioning versatile and catered to your exact needs and preferences with simple adjustments. Studies on ergonomics state that the height of work monitors should be at or slightly below eye level and kept an arm’s length away from you. All office fit-outs should follow simple ergonomic rules as these are designed to increase efficiency, comfort, and productivity for users.

In Desk Modules – USB Chargers and beyond

Nobody enjoys painstakingly bending their back to plug something in whether that is to a power outlet or USB. A simple workaround to this inconvenience is in desk modules that provide USB chargers and power outlets built into convenient locations on your desk. These are easy to install can be attractive and concealed if need be and just all-round increase functionality of your office fit-out.

Cable Management

The back of an office desk can look like a digital jungle sometimes with cables overlapping, tied around each other, and going in every direction. It’s ugly and can cause stress when you’re trying to switch cables around. Thankfully, there are cable management products available that keep your cables neat and tidy preventing you from wasting energy and ultimately increasing your productivity in the office. Grommets can be purchased which group your cables into a hole in the desk or cableways that act as a tunnel for cables, concealing any mess.  If you aren’t after concealment wired cable baskets can keep things tidy or trunking and clips can be used to keep cables together and neat.

The combination of the above elements makes for an ideal office fit-out that is sure to keep you focused on your work rather than inconveniences that waste effort and time. To get started on increasing your office efficiency and productivity enquire at www.dpg-formfittings.com.au!

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