What does Effective Cable Management look like?

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The office is occupied with devices such as monitors, CPU, phone chargers, and other electronic devices that require a connection through cables for power. This often causes a mess within the workspace as the cables run on the floor from one end to the other end of the office. This can not only cause WHS issues but can also cause a decrease in employee productivity.

The use of below desk power modules is an efficient method of organizing cables around the work desk and preventing cluttered cables. This module lets the cables be placed neatly under the desk together to ensure you don’t have multiple cables running around under the desk creating a larger mess. As the below desk power modules store a large number of cables at once, they are used in a large number of workspaces to accommodate its increase or decrease of cables which will be used at the desk.  

Cables will also often be tied up together and stored neatly behind monitors to ensure they don’t get in the way of employees completing their tasks. Where possible, offices are now also implementing the use of wireless devices within their offices to reduce the usage of cables managing the number of cables needed.

Unlike this, ineffective cable management will allow cables to be laying everywhere, creating tripping hazards and WHS concerns within the workspace. To prevent this from happening, offices are now implementing practices such as the use of below desk power modules within their office to reduce cable clutter. If you’re concerned with cable management at your office, feel free to contact us for a recommendation.

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