What The Umbilical Cable Does For Your Cable Management Needs

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You may be surprised how well an umbilical cable can work within your workplace. But this type of cable is not something that you would plug into an outlet. Rather, it is a cable that helps you with managing other wires in your workplace.

The problem with many on-desk modules is that they can be hard to handle. All those wires for your office materials can become bundled up with one another and hard to organize. But the good news is that you can get an umbilical cable layout to help you with getting your cables arranged the right way.

A Flexible Design

This kind of cable management material is easy to utilize. You would insert a series of cables or wires into one end of the umbilical material. These wires would go through a tube-like body and will come out of the other end. This keeps the wires organized well enough without them tying up or otherwise being hard to organize and use.

Easy to Organize

You can get one of these ergonomic products laid out around any of the on-desk modules you wish to utilize. You can get a material to bend around many surfaces in your office. The design of the cable layout will bend around well provided that the wires you add in the body are flexible enough as well. This should be suitable enough for many of your cable organization needs provided you watch for how well the layout is arranged and how the surface works.

How Many Wires?

You can get as many wires added into one of these ergonomic products as possible. The capacity of the umbilical cable will vary based on thickness, length, and how well the cable opens up. Check on how well the design is built so you’ll have something easy to work with the next time you need to get the wires in your workplace organized right.

An umbilical cable can make a difference for all the on-desk modules in your workplace. Talk with us at DPG Form Fittings if you have any further needs surrounding such a cable and how well you can get this material to work to your liking.

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