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When it comes to tech stuff, CPU holders aren’t as popular as computer monitors or ergonomic chairs. However, this device is actually important and can bring a lot of benefits for the user. If you are on the fence about getting one, here are some reasons to help convince you to do so.

Maximize Your Workspace

Most CPUs are large and bulky, thus taking up a significant amount of space on your work desk. To free up some space, you can use a CPU holder to place your CPU underneath your desk. By doing so, you can free some real estate on desk thus providing you with more space to work on and even improving its aesthetics.

Ease of Use

Some people tend to keep their CPUs on the floor beside or under their desks. However, these CPU placements usually mean that the CPU is closer to the ground. In turn, you’ll have to bend real deep or even get to a kneeling position whenever you need to hit the power button. This can be a challenge for those who have bad knees or problems with their lower backs. And even without these health issues, some people simply don’t like difficulty presented by such CPU placement schemes.

CPU holders solve this problem since they can be attached directly underneath your desk. This means that your CPU will always be within arm’s reach and easier to access.


More often than not, you’ll need to rotate or turn your CPU around when you need to work on the cables that plug into the back of your computer. This usually means a lot of heavy lifting and turning, which can be bothersome for many people. CPU holders can present a solution to such dilemma. There are CPU holders which have a horizontal glider and a swivel mechanism that allows you to turn your CPU. No more crawling behind your computer and sorting through the mess of cables and wires.


As mentioned earlier, some people keep their CPUs on the floor underneath their desks. This can be a problem because people may accidentally kick their CPUs and can damage it. Also, when you spill your coffee (or some other liquid) on the floor, your CPU is at great risk of getting wet. With a CPU holder, your CPU will be suspended way above the floor and keeping it safe.

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