Wireless Charging Porthole III – Why You Should Invest In This Innovation


wireless charging module

Technology has certainly changed the way today’s offices operate. With incredibly efficient cable management, state-of-the-art office power solutions and innovative products like wireless charging modules, today’s businesses leave no stone unturned to provide an optimal environment to both workers and visitors.

One of the revolutionary products that have made a massive impact in recent years is wireless charging module porthole III. Wireless charging is a big step towards a cable-less future. Due to the unmatched convenience and functionality that wireless technology offer, compatible solutions like wireless charging module porthole III are finally here.

As more and more devices are getting into the bandwagon of wireless charging, it’s crucial to gain some understanding of the technology and how can you incorporate it in your workplace.

Experience Ultimate Convenience with Wireless Charging

Now keeping your mobile devices fully charged at all times is not an issue anymore. With wireless charging modules, you can bring this technology right at your desktop. Almost all employees carry a smartphone these days and businesses use these mobile devices to carry out a number of official tasks. With a wireless charging module installed at your desktop, you can charge any compatible mobile device wirelessly at any time you want.

Durable and Efficient Wireless Charging Module Porthole III

Wireless charging has come a long way since its inception. It is way more efficient and resilient than traditional charging. As soon as the device gets fully charged, it stops automatically. Unlike wired charging, there’s no risk of electric shock and other accidents while using wireless charging.

Porthole III: Things to Know About Wireless Charging Module

This wireless charging porthole is ultimate in convenience. Our wireless charging module Porthole III comes with an integral power supply and can be connected to your desk module.

Most new mobile devices are induction charging compatible. So, all you have to do is effortlessly place your device on the module.  Illuminated LED’s and a beep will confirm that the charging has started. That’s all you need to do and your battery will get fully charged almost magically.

Available in black, white and silver, wireless charging module Porthole III from dpg-formfittings is spill-proof and fully compatible with all Qi-certified devices.

dpg-formfittings: The Leading Specialists Of Office Power Solutions!

At dpg-formfittings, we love bringing the latest in technology to our customers, and with our wireless charging module Porthole III, we aim to take the efficiency and convenience of your office to a whole new level. For more information on our products, visit dpg-formfittings or simply call one of our knowledgeable experts at 02 9669 3449 now!


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