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Contrary to popular belief, a messy work desk isn’t a sign of genius – it’s a sign of a messy person. Sure, there are people who perform exceptionally well under such circumstances, but the numbers are far and few in between. For the majority of people though, a clean and organized work desk is what works best.

There are plenty of things that can crowd a work desk. In the past, most of the clutter are composed of pens, papers, and books. Nowadays though, electronic clutter is also a common issue and adds to the already standard physical mess. From large and bulky monitors to lamps and even computer keyboards and mouse. Not to mention all the wires and cables that are attached to these electronic devices. One of the best ways to address these electronic clutters is through proper cable management.

Cable management at its core simply refers to the proper and organized installation and positioning of electronic cables. This includes keyboard and mouse wires, plugs, and other similar items. It also covers main power lines that supply electricity to the computer and other devices and gadgets that runs on electricity.

One way to address the issue of having too many wires strewn around and dangling on your desk is by completely eliminating them. That is, consider using their wireless counterparts. For instance, many people have trouble controlling wires connecting their chargers to their smartphones or tablets. Some even make the mistake of picking up their gadgets while it is still connected to the charger. This often results to sudden strain on the cable which can damage it.

By going wireless or by using a wireless charger, this problem can be totally eliminated. Now you can pick up your smartphone or tablet without fear of damaging the charger’s cable. You also don’t have to worry about things falling down when you accidentally pick up your gadget and the cable wires pull or tug at the other items on your desk.

Another issue are those power cables that connect your computer to the power source. More often than not, these wires are simply left strewn around the floor under the desk. Not only is this messy to look at, but it can also be the cause of accidents like tripping.

With proper cable management, all these lines are managed and organized. They are hidden in inconspicuous areas so they don’t cause an eyesore. They are also properly labeled so that if any repairs are necessary, it is easy to identify and find the cable that needs work.

All in all, proper cable management is important in ensuring a safe and aesthetic workplace. This in turn can help boost employees’ productivity and the quality of their work as well.

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