Workstation Ergonomics- Things to consider when creating a workspace

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Poor posture, pain & discomfort is something that everyone has experienced in the workplace but what solutions are available to reduce these issues?

A great place to start is Height adjustable workstations, these give multiple height positions with the option to sit or stand and are available with powered adjustment or manual.

Another option is Monitor Arms, available for single, dual screens & laptop supports. These are great for easy adjustment of height to position the screens at a comfortable level.
They are available in multiple styles & colours with options of gas lift or spring.

Safety in the workplace is another major concern with ergonomics reducing some of these hazards such as electrical cords on floors which can be tripped over, a solution to this is an umbilical or cable tray under desk.

reach out to dpg formfittings if you would like some more info on our cable management or ergonomic products.

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